Like everyone else in business, our agency wants to save time and money—both yours and ours!  We’ve developed the quick and easy Touchtone Response System for our Industry Verification Form.  If all the information on your form is correct and you meet the conditions listed below, please respond by phone.  You'll save tax dollars, your call should take only a minute or two, your call is free, and you can call at your convenience.  Our system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Why wait?  Call today!

You are eligible to use the Touchtone Response System if you have access to a touchtone phone and:

  • The business mailing address and physical location address in Items 1 and 2 are correct,

  • The business operates in only one location (you have not checked the box in Item 2),

  • The answer to Item 3 is YES,

  • The main activity shown in Item 4 accurately describes your business.

If you are not eligible to respond by phone, please update the form and return it by mail using the enclosed postage-paid envelope.  You cannot use the phone system to update this information.

Calling instructions:

  • Before you call locate your State Code and Unemployment Insurance account number (U.I. account number) printed in Item 6 on the form.

  • Dial 1-888-256-0864.  A recorded message will prompt you to enter the State Code and U.I. account number. Be sure to enter any zeros at the beginning or end of the State Code or U.I. account number.

  • The system will prompt you for your responses.

After your call, please retain the form for your files.  Please do not mail the form back unless the system instructs you to do so.

Remember, we need to hear from you even if nothing has changed.

Questions? Need help?  Can’t verify account number?  Not sure if you’re eligible?

Call the phone number listed in the bottom left corner of the form.  Our staff will be happy to help you.  We’re available for assistance during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

Thank you for participating in our survey!

1-888-256-0864 Touchtone Response System

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Last Modified Date: October 2, 2007