2010 CE Public-Use Microdata

The 2010 public-use microdata (PUMD) were originally released to the public on September 27, 2011. Two errata were issued, one with which addendum files were produced, after the release. The errata can be viewed at the bottom of this page. The zip files below contain the most recent version of the 2010 PUMD, including addenda files.

About 2010 CE PUMD

The 2010 PUMD did not include many significant changes from 2009. Some of the highlights and changes in the 2010 PUMD were:

  • Beginning in 2010Q2, the FPAR paradata file included binary variables indicating whether the respondent had used bills, receipts, or other sources to answer expenditure questions during sections 1-10 of the Interview.
  • Beginning in 2010Q1, the variable that estimated "usual monthly amount of transit subsidy" (TRANSUBX) was deleted in the XPB EXPN file. JSUBSIDY, "quarterly value of transit subsidy received," was added to the XPB EXPN file in 2010Q1.
  • No changes were made to the Diary files.

2010 CE PUMD Files

To learn how to download the zip files below, please see Instructions for Downloading Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) Microdata and Documentation. See the 2010 read me text file for a listing and information about the 2010 PUMD files. Also, a 'Getting Started' guide (PDF) is available to those who are new to CE PUMD.

  • SAS
    Interview (zip) (87.4 MB) | EXPN (zip) (19.4 MB) | Diary (zip) (15.3 MB)
  • SPSS
    Interview (zip) (95.0 MB) | EXPN (zip) (29.8 MB) | Diary (zip) (19.6 MB)
    Interview (zip) (68.1 MB) | EXPN (zip) (13.4 MB) | Diary (zip) (10.8 MB)
  • ASCII (Comma-Delimited)
    Interview (zip) (75.0 MB) | EXPN (zip) (15.5 MB) | Diary (zip) (11.9 MB)

    2010 documentation

    The documentation zip file contains user guides and documentation, data dictionaries, parameter files, and sample programs.

    If the information is not accessible to you due to a disability, please contact us via email. Please provide the location of the requested information, the desired format, and a mailing address in case we have to mail the information to you.

    2010 Microdata Documentation

    Note: The 2010 documentation below is a subset of files included in the documentation zip file above.

    • Public-Use Interview Survey Microdata Documentation (PDF)
    • Public-Use Interview Survey Data Dictionary (PDF 1.3MB)
    • Public-Use Diary Survey Microdata Documentation (PDF)
    • Public-Use Diary Survey Data Dictionary (PDF)
    • Archived Documentation and Errata

    2010 Microdata Errata

    This section lists all the errata that were issued for the 2010 PUMD release.

    Please note: the files available for download are as originally released. Any addenda will have to be applied by the user.


    Brief description

    November 29, 2011

    There have been two errors found in the 2010 data files and one error found in the supporting documentation. The first error affects identifiers in the paradata files (FPAR and MCHI). The second error affects the PUBFLAG variable for one UCC in the interview survey MTAB files. The documentation error was found in the Interview Stub parameter file (IntStub2010.txt). (PDF).

    June 15, 2012

    There has been a miscoded value for one of the variables in the 2010 Interview data files. The error affects the QYEAR variable. Please note: this error does not affect the expenditure or income estimates. (PDF).

    If you have comments or questions, please contact us via email.


    Last Modified Date: March 5, 2014