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Classroom activities

How do you spend your time?

Students will learn how to create and interpret a pie chart displaying how they spend their time.

Overview (PDF)
Excel: Directions (XLS) Worksheet (PDF)
Print: Directions (PDF) Worksheet (PDF)

Graphing Prices

Students will learn how to graph changes in price levels of goods in this real-world graphing exercise.

Worksheet (PDF)

The Price is Correct

In this activity, students will learn about inflation and play a game to guess how the prices of common goods have changed over the past several years.

Worksheet (PDF)

Choosing a Career

Students will research careers from among the 580 occupations listed in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Worksheet (PDF)

Inflation Calculator

Students will use the Inflation Calculator to learn how the buying power of the dollar has changed over the years.

Worksheet (PDF)

Teacher resources

Resources for Student and Teacher

These resources highlight various BLS products and data retrieval tools that may be useful for the classroom.

Customer Service Guide

This publication describes all BLS programs and the data they produce. It includes the type of information published by each program, where to find the statistics, and contact information for subject matter specialists.

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How BLS Collects and Publishes Statistics: This poster gives a general overview of how BLS produces its data.

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