MFP Publications

Major Sector Productivity Program

  • Integrated Industry-Level Production Account for the United States: Intellectual Property Products and the 2007 NAICS. May 2014 (PDF). Tables (XLXS)
  • A Prototype BEA/BLS Industry-Level Production Account for the United States. November 2012. (PDF 1.7MB). Tables (XLS)
  • Nonmanufacturing Industry Contributions to Multifactor Productivity, 1987–2006. June 2010. (PDF 1MB)
  • Effects of Imported Intermediate Inputs on Productivity. June 2010. (PDF 2MB)
  • Integrated GDP-Productivity Accounts. December 2008. (PDF)
  • Preliminary Estimate of Multifactor Productivity Growth. June 2005. (PDF)

Industry Productivity Program

  • Multifactor Productivity Change in the Air Transportation Industry. March 2005. (PDF)

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