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March 2015

Improving data quality in Consumer Expenditure Survey with TAXSIM

Geoffrey Paulin, William Hawk

The Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) collects information on expenditures, income, assets, liabilities, and taxes, and nonresponse is a major concern; however, in 2013, data collection changed when TAXSIM was introduced, improving CE data quality.

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Lifting the veil on human trafficking

Stacie Dubay

Author Denise Brennan takes an up-close and personal look at human trafficking.

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Beyond BLS

Gender gap in financial literacy transcends national borders

Peter C. Fisk

Researchers find that the financial-literacy gender gap may put the economic security of women in the United States and in other developed nations at risk.

Has performance pay contributed to the rise of inequality in the United States?

Maury B. Gittleman

BLS economists assess whether pay for performance widens the pay gap.

Left versus right: the impact of handedness on future earnings

Graham Boone

An economist finds that lefties earn less than righties and attributes the shortfall to genetic or childrearing differences.

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