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April 2016

Unemployment rate nears prerecession level by end of 2015

Janie-Lynn Kang, Lisa M. Williamson

In 2015, the U.S. labor market continued to improve, with unemployment declining and long-term joblessness and involuntary part-time employment also declining.

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Behavioral economics: Humans vs. Econs, a history of bringing traditional economics down to earth

Daniel C. Chow

Based on insights from human psychology and behavior, this witty, insightful treatise by Richard H. Thaler offers a new paradigm which argues convincingly that traditional economic theories fail to explain the real-world economic behavior of human beings.

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Beyond BLS

Are older Americans healthy enough to work longer?

Charlotte M. Irby

Researchers find that most older Americans are healthy enough to work to an older age than they currently do.

Strategic pairing of colleagues is an effective job-training method

Maureen Soyars

Economists find that students learn more when a teacher with weak skills is paired with one with strong skills.

Growing up in high-poverty areas can affect your employment

Eleni Karageorge

Researchers find men who grew up in a low-income, single-parent household or in a neighborhood with high levels of economic and racial inequality are disproportionately negatively affected when they reach adulthood.

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September 1981

As we honor our mothers on Mother’s Day for their important role in our lives, let’s review a 1981 MLR article about the changing role of working mothers during that time.

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