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April 2014

The first hundred years of the Consumer Price Index: a methodological and political history

Darren Rippy

This technical and political history of the Consumer Price Index explains how and why the Bureau of Labor Statistics has come to produce a family of such indexes.

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Women not yet “on board”

Maria Sorokina

A collection of essays focusing on women’s accessibility to corporate boardrooms in 11 countries around the world.

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Beyond BLS

More hours at work now = more pay later

Maureen Soyars

Young workers who work long hours tend to see higher hourly wage growth and promotion opportunities.

Startups and older firms: which is more responsive to local economic changes?

Ann Norris

Researchers affirm that, despite the popular perception that small firms are the major contributors to job growth, in the nontradable sector young firms create more jobs.

A better way to measure pay differentials among industries

Maury Gittleman

BLS economists Maury Gittleman and Brooks Pierce take a look at whether workers who are doing similar work are paid more in some industries than in others by using a dataset that incorporates total compensation rather than just wages or salaries.

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