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Fall 2001 Vol. 45, Number 3

Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists

They help people convicted of crimes in the transition to freedom.


When you think of law enforcement occupations, what are the first that come to mind? Your answer might include police officers and investigators, whose jobs are to track down criminals and solve crimes. But fighting crime also involves encouraging offenders to put their criminal pasts behind them and move forward with their lives. Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists supervise and help offenders in these efforts.

Today’s probation officers and correctional treatment specialists may rely on community involvement and technological advances to aid them in their work. Regardless of their specific duties, however, these officers’ and specialists’ core job remains the same: working with offenders to keep them out of trouble. 

If you’re interested in a career related to law enforcement, read on to learn whether these occupations might suit you.

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Last Updated: December 06, 2001