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Winter 2006-07 Vol. 50, Number 4

Jobs in weddings and funerals: Working with the betrothed and the bereaved

For attendees, these are very different events. But for workers, weddings and funerals require similar tasks. Learn about some of the similarities and differences.

What could be more different from a wedding than a funeral? At first blush, these two events might seem dissimilar. But if you think about it, they have a lot in common—especially when it comes to the work involved.

“A funeral carries a lot of the same functions as a wedding,” says funeral director Diana Kurz. “In many ways, they’re so much alike.” The natures of the celebrations differ, but many of the tasks required to carry out the two events are the same. 

This article explores careers in weddings and funerals. The first section describes the industries and what they do and don’t have in common. The next section focuses on three event-related occupational areas: planning and management, catering, and floral design. A final section suggests other areas of employment overlap, along with sources of more information.

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Last Updated: June 8, 2007