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Summer 2007
Vol. 51, Number 2
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Flexible work: Adjusting the when and where of your job

Would you like to work fewer hours, set your own schedule, or work at home? Read here about some of the options for balancing your job with your life.

Ellen Celarek’s top priority is her kids. So, when looking for a job, she makes family-friendly work a priority, too. “My job fits perfectly with my schedule,” she says. “I can take the kids to the doctor or help out at school when I want.”

Many people today are seeking flexibility at work. Parents, like Celarek, may want more time for family. Students hope to fit employment into a busy class schedule. Whatever their situation, they’re not alone in wanting a job that’s a better match for their lives.

Learn how to make a current job more flexible—or how to find a more flexible one. Read about options that will let you work less, work at home, or work alternative hours. The sections describing these options include information about each arrangement, its pros and cons, and how to get it.

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Last Updated: September 21, 2007