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Winter 2007-08 Vol. 51, Number 4

What can I do with my liberal arts degree?

“Help! I’m majoring in liberal arts!” Don’t worry: Your liberal arts training is solid career preparation. Find out how your degree helps make you marketable.

If you major in liberal arts, you know it can be challenging to explain how your degree will lead to a career. That’s particularly true if you don’t want to teach. 

But there are probably more options than you realize. Liberal arts majors have skills that are in demand—and they can qualify for many different kinds of jobs. 
Surveys show that most hiring managers care more about a job candidate’s skills than they do about a college major. And the skills employers say they want most in a candidate, such as communication and critical thinking, are precisely those for which liberal arts students are known. 

Keep reading to learn about the advantages of having a liberal arts major. Then, get tips on how to focus your career goals and gain the skills you need to meet them. Finally, learn to market your unique liberal arts skills to find the job you want.

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Last Updated: May 1, 2008