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Careers in forensics: Analysis, evidence, and law

The field of forensics includes more occupations than you might realize. Learn more about what forensics is and how this specialty applies to a broad range of careers.

In legal proceedings, a case is only as strong as its evidence. And whether that evidence is strong depends, in large part, on the work of forensic specialists.

The field of forensics is broad and involves many kinds of workers. But one thing all forensic specialists have in common is that their work is connected to the law in some way. These workers might have a background in life sciences, art, engineering, healthcare, social sciences, or a number of other fields.

This article discusses forensics and some of the work it encompasses. The first section talks about what forensic workers do and lists selected specialties within the field. A second section describes places of employment, potential earnings and opportunities, and education and training requirements. A final section provides sources for finding more information.

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Last Updated: June 10, 2009