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Employment, trends, and training in information technology

Like most industries, information technology has had job gains and losses. This article discusses IT workers; their employment, both past and projected; and ways to prepare for these occupations.

Amari and Aaron have always loved computers. Both planned to enroll in the computer science department at their local universities and pursue careers in information technology. But now, as high school graduation draws near, neither student is sure what to do.

Amari and Aaron are not alone in their uncertainty. In recent years, students, workers, and jobseekers have received mixed signals about the job market for information technology. Periods of strong job growth have been punctuated by brief periods of employment declines. Optimism about information technology, commonly referred to as IT, as a career field has been tempered by concerns about job security and competition abroad.

But, as this analysis shows, the IT field continues to offer opportunities for jobseekers who have the right skills and training. The good news for Amari and Aaron is that most IT occupations are expected to remain in high demand and have strong job growth. Here’s an overview of some information technology occupations; a discussion of past employment, future prospects, and education and training for IT workers; and sources of more information.

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Last Updated: June 10, 2009