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Occupational employment of workers without disabilities and workers with disabilities, April 2009

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About 5.4 million people with disabilities were employed in April, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These workers represent about 4 percent of total employment.

As the charts show, workers with disabilities were distributed across occupational groups in a way similar to those without disabilities. Notable differences existed in the share of each type of worker in two occupational groups. The percentage of workers with disabilities employed in service occupations was somewhat higher than the percentage of workers without disabilities. And in professional and related occupations, the share of workers without disabilities was notably higher than workers with disabilities. However, these two occupational groups also employed the largest share of both types of workers.

Data in the chart come from the Current Population Survey. According to the data, 23 percent of people with disabilities were in the labor force in April, which means that they were either working or looking for work. About 13 percent of people with disabilities in the labor force were unemployed that month, compared with the almost 9 percent unemployment rate for workers without disabilities.

For more information, visit
cpsdisability.htm or contact the Division of Labor Force Statistics by writing to 2 Massachusetts Ave. NE., Suite 4675, Washington, DC 20212; calling (202) 691–6378; or sending an e-mail using the link provided on the Web site.

Employment distribution of workers without disabilities and workers with disabilities, by major occupational group, April 2009 (percent)

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Last Updated: September 09, 2009