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Mapping out a career: An analysis of geographic concentration of occupations

What you do for a living and where you live have a lot to do with each other. Explore the connection between occupation and location.

Do you thrive on the excitement of a big city, or do you enjoy waking up to a quiet country morning? Do you anticipate relocating frequently, finding a new job each time you move? Do you really love New York—or Orlando? If these types of lifestyle considerations are important to you, then the location of jobs might affect your career choice.

Not all occupations are created equal when it comes to geographic distribution. Some occupations are concentrated in relatively few geographic areas; others are spread more evenly across the United States. Specific occupations might be clustered in particular types of geographic settings, such as large urban areas or small rural ones. And some locations are especially likely to have a specific occupation—even areas that have relatively low overall employment. This article examines the geographic distribution of occupations.

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Last Updated: December 17, 2010