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Fall 2011
Vol. 55, Number 3
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Work for play: Careers in video game development

Explore the real-world possibilities of a virtual career in video game development.

Video games aren't only for play; they also provide work. The workers, known as game developers, make a living creating the games you enjoy playing.

Making video games is a serious—and big—business. According to the Entertainment Software Association, in 2009, the video game industry had sales in excess of $10 billion and employed more than 32,000 people in 34 states.

This article covers career options in video game development. The first section provides an overview of the development process. The second section describes four groups of video game occupations: designers, programmers, artists, and others. The third section covers the skills and training workers need for these jobs. The fourth section discusses the benefits and challenges of working in the video game industry. And the fifth section provides job-seeking tips for a career in video game development. Suggested resources for additional information are at the end of the article.

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Last Updated: September 28, 2011