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Spring 2011
Vol. 55, Number 1
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Focused jobseeking: A measured approach to looking for work

Career experts agree that research and networking provide the best approach to jobseeking today. Find out how to focus your job search.

For many people, the only thing harder than being out of a job is searching for one. Applying for dozens of jobs each week and getting few or no replies can slowly erode jobseekers’ self-esteem. And this loss of confidence can prove detrimental to those trying to market their skills to would-be employers.

Jobseekers can avoid many of the mistakes that keep them from winning a job. They can learn how to choose the best channels for applying, why they shouldn’t rely on online resources exclusively, and how to use their contacts effectively. By demystifying the job search process, informed jobseekers improve their chances for success—provided they’re willing to put in the hard work, time, and patience required.

This article gives jobseekers guidelines for taking control of their employment search. And for more experienced jobseekers, the box on page 10 describes some strategies for a successful search.

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Last Updated: March 17, 2011