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Summer 2011
Vol. 55, Number 2
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Paid to persuade: Careers in sales

Looking for a career lead? How about sales? Learn more about your options by reading this article.

Here's an offer you might not want to miss: The chance to learn more about a career in sales.

Workers who make a living in sales are paid to persuade others to buy goods and services. Just about anything, from apricots to zip-line tours, needs an intermediary to move from producer to buyer. That go-between person is the sales worker.

This article describes seven sales occupa­tions with annual wages that were higher than the May 2010 national median of $33,840. And BLS expects job growth to be average or faster than average in each of the occupations through 2018, resulting in many jobs.

Keep reading to learn more about sales careers, including how to start one of your own. The next few pages describe the occu­pations. The section that follows discusses pros and cons of sales work and the skills needed for success in it. A final section pro­vides advice on how to begin a sales career. And for information about sales career scams, see the box on page 32.

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Last Updated: August 12, 2011