Mountain-Plains News Releases & Tables

Area Summaries

Data Tables

States and Selected Local Areas

  • Local area data tables are compilations of information on multiple subjects, including employment, unemployment, and wages.

Inflation and Consumer Spending

Consumer Price Index

News Releases

Data Tables

CPI data is available on a monthly basis for the U.S., Midwest Region and the West Region and semi-annually for the Kansas City, St. Louis, and Denver areas.

Historical data tables for the CPI-U and CPI-W, all items, (1982-84=100)

  • U.S. city average (HTML)
  • Midwest Region (HTML)
  • West Region (HTML)
  • Annual averages U.S., Denver, Kansas City, and St. Louis (HTML)

CPI Technical Information

Consumer Expenditure Survey

  • Regional Data Tables (HTML) (PDF)

CEX Technical Information

Employment & Unemployment

News Releases

  • Business Employment Dynamics in Colorado (HTML) (PDF)
  • Business Employment Dynamics in Kansas (HTML) (PDF)
  • Business Employment Dynamics in Missouri (HTML) (PDF)
  • Business Employment Dynamics in Utah (HTML) (PDF)
  • Nonfarm Employment — Kansas City, Mo.-Ks. MSA (Quarterly) (HTML) (PDF)
  • Unemployment — Mountain Census Division and States (Annual) (HTML) (PDF)
  • Unemployment — West North Central Census Division and States (Annual) (HTML) (PDF)
  • Union Membership in Colorado (HTML) (PDF)
  • Union Membership in Missouri (HTML) (PDF)
  • Minimum Wage Workers in Missouri (HTML) (PDF)
  • Mass Layoffs in Missouri (Annual) (HTML) (PDF)
  • Measures of Labor Underutilization in Colorado (HTML) (PDF)
  • Measures of Labor Underutilization in Missouri (HTML) (PDF)
  • Archived Releases for the Mountain-Plains Region

Data Tables

Economy at a Glance: Tables of Employment, Unemployment and Labor Force for States and metropolitan areas

Employment Technical Information

Pay and Benefits

Current Population Survey

News Releases

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

News Releases

  • County Employment and Wages — Colorado (HTML) (PDF)
  • County Employment and Wages — Kansas (HTML) (PDF)
  • County Employment and Wages — Missouri (HTML) (PDF)
  • County Employment and Wages — Utah (HTML) (PDF)

CEW Technical Information

Compensation Costs

News Releases

  • Employment Cost Index — Quarterly Regional Report (HTML) (PDF)
  • Employer Costs For Employee Compensation - Quarterly Regional Report (HTML) (PDF)

Data Tables

Compensation Costs Technical Information

National Compensation Surveys

  • Wage surveys are no longer produced by the National Compensation Survey. Occupational employment and wage news releases for selected areas are published using Occupational Employment Statistics program data.

Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates

News Releases

Data Tables

Workplace Injuries

Occupational Injury and Fatality Statistics

News Releases

Data Tables

Safety and Health Technical Information


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