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BLS 09-131
Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Regional Commissioner Richard J. Holden of the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that shelter prices decreased 1.0 percent in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bremerton area for November and moved down 1.8 percent over the year. Within shelter, the rent of primary residence index residence declined 0.4 percent for the month and was 0.6 percent lower than a year ago. The owners’ equivalent rent of primary residence index decreased 0.7 percent this month and was 1.2 percent lower than in November 2008. Also included in shelter, but not part of the publication structure, are price data for lodging away from home.

Grocery prices, as measured by the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers food at home index, declined 2.6 percent in November. Compared to one year ago, grocery prices were 6.4 percent lower. The food at home index now stands at 217.862. This means grocery shoppers in the Seattle area spent $217.86 in November for a basket of food items that cost $100.00 in 1982-84. Local area CPI data are not seasonally adjusted.

The special aggregate for energy moved up 1.4 percent for the month, primarily due to a 2.1 percent rise in gasoline prices. Overall energy prices increased 12.8 percent for the past year, strongly influenced by the 28.4 percent advance in gasoline prices for the same period. The household energy index inched up 0.1 percent in November, but was 4.6 percent lower over the year. Within household fuels, prices for both electricity and utility (piped) gas service were unchanged for the month. Over the year, electricity prices increased 1.7 percent, but utility (piped) gas service prices moved down 17.6 percent.

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Last Modified Date: December 16, 2009