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American Time Use Survey
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Charts by Topic: Eldercare

Percent of population who were eldercare providers
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  • Eighteen percent of women and 15 percent of men provided eldercare to at least one person age 65 and over in 2014-15. (Data are from the 2014-15 surveys.)

Percent of eldercare providers who provided care on an average day
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  • Eldercare providers who were not employed were more likely to provide eldercare on an average day than employed eldercare providers—34 percent compared to 20 percent. (Data are from the 2014-15 surveys.)

Time spent providing care on days eldercare was provided
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  • On days they provided eldercare, women spent 3.1 hours and men spent 2.8 hours providing this care. Eldercare providers who were not employed spent over an hour more providing this care than did providers who were employed. (These data are averages for 2014-15.)

Percent distribution of time spent providing eldercare
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  • On days they provided eldercare, persons spent an average of three hours providing this care. A third of this time was associated with leisure and sports activities and one-fifth of the time was associated with household activities. Eldercare can involve a range of care activities, such as assisting with grooming, preparing meals, and providing transportation. Eldercare also can involve providing companionship or being available to assist when help is needed, and thus eldercare can be associated with nearly any activity. (Data are from the 2014-15 surveys.)



Last Modified Date: December 20, 2016