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New on BLS Website—June 2001

On June 20, 2001, new features were added to the BLS website:

  • More choices on the BLS home page—more links were added to the home page.  Now you can go directly from the BLS home page to any specific BLS program's home page with one click.
  • More databases you can access with Public Data Query—three additional databases can be accessed using the Public Data Query tool, which allows you to choose the data you want on a single screen.  The databases are Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (also known as ES 202); Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries; and selected characteristics of nonfatal cases of occupational injuries and illnesses involving days away from work. Public Data Query is available on the Create Customized Tables page and on program home pages.
  • Percent and net change calculations with Public Data Query—for certain cases, you can choose to have percent changes or net changes displayed when you obtain data using Public Data Query (available on the Create Customized Tables page and on program home pages).
  • Modeled wage estimates based on National Compensation Survey datamodeled estimates of wages for various areas, occupations, and work levels can be obtained, in addition to the published estimates.



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