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New Features on BLS Website—December 2000

On December 1, 2000 the Bureau of Labor Statistics introduced new features on its website:

  • The BLS home page has a new look and new functionality. The new left navigation bar and top navigation bar take you to all the places that the buttons on the old home page did. In addition, the center section of the page now contains links grouped by topic. Topics such as "Inflation and Spending" and "Working and Looking for Work" help make it easier for you to find the numbers you're interested in.

  • The new Public Data Query system is an improved, simplified version of Create Customized Tables. With Public Data Query, you choose the data you want on a single screen, instead of multiple screens. You can get to Public Data Query through the Create Customized Tables page or through individual program home pages.

  • The "Latest Numbers" box appears on several pages, including the BLS home page, Data home page, and the News Releases home page. The box provides the most recent data for the major economic indicators produced by BLS.

  • Several navigation pages for the BLS website were enhanced so they are now more customer-friendly. Like the new home page, the revised pages each include a left navigation bar and top navigation bar. The revised pages include the home pages for Data, News Release, Publications, Surveys and Programs, and Mission, Management and Jobs. In addition, What's New and Contacts have also been revised.

  • A new Wages by Area and Occupation page was introduced to help you locate the wage data by occupation that you need for the nation, regions, States, and metropolitan areas.


Last Modified Date: November 04, 2002