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How to Use FTP Client Software to Download Files from the BLS FTP Server

The following procedure is recommended for downloading files directly from the BLS FTP Server. You will need client FTP software on your personal computer. For windows based clients, enter the address:

The instructions below are based on the DOS client FTP software used at BLS.

  1. On your DOS command line, Enter "ftp" (This will connect you to the BLS FTP Server.)
  2. You will be prompted for user. Enter "anonymous"
  3. You will be prompted for password. Enter "bls"
  4. If you intend to download a file from a survey-specific directory:
    Enter "cd pub/time.series/" where = the two-digit survey identifier
    If you intend to download a file from a special requests directory:
    Enter "cd pub/special.requests/" where = the two-digit survey identifier
  5. If you know the name of the file you wish to download, then enter "get "
    Otherwise, enter "dir" to select from a list of the available file names in that directory.
    Then enter "get "

The file will be downloaded to the directory you are using during this FTP session.


Last Modified Date: October 16, 2001