Appendix: Telephone Point-of-Purchase Survey (TPOPS) questionnaire groups and Point-of-Purchase Survey (POPS) expenditure categories

TPOPS questionnaire

Major expenditure group Recall
POPS category title
1 Housing 5 years Major appliance repair
Housing 5 years Reupholstery of furniture
Housing 5 years Inside home maintenance and repair
Housing 2 years Power tools
Housing 6 months Paint, wallpaper, related tools, and supplies
Housing 6 months Nonpowered tools, and miscellaneous hardware and supplies
Recreation 5 years Outboard motors and powered sports vehicles
Recreation 5 years Unpowered boats and trailers
Recreation 2 years Bicycles and accessories
Recreation 6 months General sports equipment
Recreation 6 months Hunting, fishing, and camping equipment
Recreation 6 months Toys, games, hobbies, and playground equipment
Recreation 6 months Video game hardware, cartridges, disks, and accessories
2 Food 2 weeks Seasonings, spices, and miscellaneous baking products
Food 2 weeks Condiments, sauces, and gravies, such as catsup, mustard, relishes, tomato sauces, and gravy mixes
Housing 5 years Moving, storage, and freight expenses
Housing 2 years Housekeeping services
Housing 2 years Gardening and lawn care services
Apparel 3 months Infants’ and toddlers’ clothing and accessories
Apparel 2 weeks Infants’ and toddlers’ underwear and diapers
Transportation 5 years Ship fares
Recreation 5 years Musical instruments and accessories
Other 5 years Funeral expenses
Other 2 years Legal services
Other 2 years Luggage, briefcases, purses, and other carrying cases
Other 2 years Infants’ equipment, such as strollers, car seats, bottles, and dishes
Other 2 weeks Stationery, school supplies, and gift wrap
3 Food 2 weeks Canned fruits and vegetables
Food 2 weeks Frozen fruits and vegetables
Food 2 weeks Dried and other processed fruits and vegetables
Food 2 weeks Soups
Food 2 weeks Frozen prepared foods
Food 2 weeks Chips, nuts, and other snacks
Housing 1 year Refrigerators and home freezers
Housing 1 year Washers and dryers
Housing 1 year Stoves, ovens, and microwave ovens
Housing 1 year Vacuums and other floor-cleaning equipment
Housing 1 year Small electric kitchen appliances
Housing 1 year Heating and cooling equipment, home safety devices, and other electric appliances
Housing 1 year Household decorative items, including clocks and lamps
Housing 1 year Dishes and flatware
Housing 3 months Tableware and nonelectric kitchen cookware
Housing 3 months Indoor plants and fresh-cut flowers
4 Food 2 weeks Flour and prepared flour mixes
Food 2 weeks Breakfast cereal
Food 2 weeks Rice, pasta, and cornmeal
Food 2 weeks Coffee
Food 2 weeks Powdered drinks, tea, cocktail mixes, and ice
Housing 1 year Housing at school, excluding board
Educ.& comm.1 5 years Technical and business school tuition and fixed fees
Educ.& comm.1 1 year College textbooks
Educ.& comm.1 1 year Elementary and high school textbooks
Educ.& comm.1 1 year Encyclopedias and other sets of reference books
Educ.& comm.1 1 year College tuition and fixed fees
Educ.& comm.1 1 year Elementary and high school tuition and fixed fees
Educ.& comm.1 1 year Day care and nursery school
5 Food 2 weeks Eggs and egg substitutes
Food 2 weeks Milk
Food 2 weeks Cheese and cheese products
Food 2 weeks Ice cream and related products
Food 2 weeks Miscellaneous dairy products, including yogurt, powdered milk, and coffee creamers
Food 2 weeks Butter and margarine
Food 2 weeks Salad dressing
Food 2 weeks Other fats and oils, including peanut butter, mayonnaise, cooking fats, and oils
Food 2 weeks Baby food
Apparel 1 year Men’s suits or sport coats
Apparel 1 year Men’s outerwear
Apparel 6 months Men’s shirts, sweaters, and vests
Apparel 6 months Men’s pants and shorts
Recreation 1 year Televisions
Recreation 1 year VCR’s, camcorders, and other video equipment
Recreation 6 months Auto and home audio equipment
6 Food 2 weeks Apples
Food 2 weeks Bananas
Food 2 weeks Citrus fruits
Food 2 weeks Other fresh fruits
Food 2 weeks Potatoes
Food 2 weeks Lettuce
Food 2 weeks Tomatoes
Food 2 weeks Other fresh vegetables, including fresh herbs
Transportation 5 years New vehicles
Transportation 5 years New motorcycles
Transportation 5 years Leased cars and trucks
Transportation 5 years Car and truck rental
Recreation 2 years Photographic equipment
Recreation 2 years Photographer’s fees
Recreation 3 months Film and photographic supplies
Recreation 3 months Film processing
7 Food 2 weeks Bread
Food 2 weeks Fresh biscuits, rolls, and muffins
Food 2 weeks Cakes and cupcakes (excluding frozen)
Food 2 weeks Cookies
Food 2 weeks Crackers and bread products
Food 2 weeks Other bakery products, including frozen
Apparel 1 year Watches
Apparel 6 months Jewelry
Educ.& comm.1 5 years Home and cellular telephones, answering machines, and other phone accessories
Educ.& comm.1 2 years Personal computers and peripheral equipment
Educ.& comm.1 1 year Calculators, typewriters, and other information-processing equipment
Educ.& comm.1 6 months Computer software and accessories
Educ.& comm.1 6 months On-line and other information services
Other 1 year Shoe repair and other shoe services
Other 1 year Clothing rental, alterations, or repairs
Other 1 year Watch and jewelry repair
8 Housing 5 years Floor coverings, such as hard surface tiling and all types of carpets and scatter rugs
Housing 5 years Window coverings, such as curtains, drapes, and blinds
Housing 5 years Sofas, slipcovers, and decorative pillows
Housing 5 years Living room chairs and tables
Housing 5 years Kitchen and dining room furniture
Housing 2 years Infants’ furniture
Housing 1 year Bedroom furniture, including mattresses and springs
Housing 1 year Outdoor furniture
Housing 1 year Occasional furniture, such as bookcases, desks, ottomans, etc.
Medical care 1 year Physicians’ services
Medical care 1 year Dental services
Medical care 1 year Eyeglasses and eye care
Medical care 1 year Services by other medical professionals
9 Housing 1 year Powered lawn and garden equipment and other outdoor items
Housing 6 months Lawn and garden supplies and insecticides
Apparel 1 year Men’s active sportswear, such as exercise apparel or bathing suits
Apparel 1 year Women’s active sportswear and playwear
Apparel 6 months Men’s accessories, such as ties, belts, and wallets
Apparel 3 months Men’s socks, underwear, sleepwear, and bathrobes
Apparel 3 months Women’s underwear and nightwear
Apparel 3 months Women’s hosiery and accessories
Transportation 1 year Motor vehicle insurance
Recreation 6 months Pet services
Recreation 6 months Veterinarian services
10 Food 6 months Distilled spirits at home
Food 6 months Wine at home
Food 2 weeks Beer, ale, and other malt beverages at home
Apparel 6 months Boys’ clothing and accessories
Apparel 6 months Women’s outerwear
Apparel 6 months Women’s dresses
Apparel 6 months Women’s tops, skirts, pants, and shorts
Apparel 6 months Women’s suits and suit components
Apparel 6 months Girls’ clothing and accessories
Transportation 1 year Tires
Transportation 1 year Local vehicle registration
Transportation 6 months Vehicle parts and accessories
Transportation 6 months Motor oil, coolants, and fluids
11 Transportation 3 months Taxi fare
Transportation 1 month Diesel and alternative fuels
Transportation 1 month Intracity mass transit
Transportation 1 month Carpools and vanpools
Transportation 1 week Gasoline
Medical care 1 month Nonprescription medical equipment, supplies, topicals, and dressings
Recreation 3 months Blank and prerecorded videocassettes and disks
Recreation 3 months Prerecorded and blank audiotapes, CD’s, and records
Recreation 1 month Cable television
Recreation 1 month Rental of videotapes and disks
Recreation 1 month Pet food
Recreation 1 month Pets, pet supplies, and accessories
Educ.& comm.1 3 months Long-distance telephone service
Educ.&Comm.1 1 month Local telephone service
12 Medical care 2 weeks Prescription drugs and medical supplies
Medical care 2 weeks Internal and respiratory over-the-counter drugs
Other 1 year Electric personal care appliances, such as shavers and hair dryers
Other 1 year Tax return preparation and other accounting services
Other 1 month Tobacco products other than cigarettes
Other 1 month Dental and shaving products, including nonelectric articles
Other 1 month Deodorant, feminine hygiene products, suntan lotions, and foot care products
Other 1 month Cosmetics, perfumes, and bath and nail preparations
Other 1 month Checking accounts, credit card fees, and other bank services
Other 2 weeks Cigarettes
Other 2 weeks Hair products, such as shampoos, sprays, pins, and combs
13 Food 2 weeks Sugar and artificial sweeteners
Food 2 weeks Candy and chewing gum
Food 2 weeks Jellies, syrups, toppings, and other sweets
Recreation 2 weeks Single-copy newspapers and magazines
Recreation 1 year Sewing machines, fabric, and supplies
Recreation 1 year Club membership dues paid for fraternal and civic organizations, and fees for participant sports
Recreation 1 year Newspaper and magazine subscriptions`
Recreation 1 year Books purchased through book clubs
Recreation 3 months Books not purchased through book clubs
14 Housing 1 year Lodging away from home, such as hotels, motels, and vacation rentals
Housing 1 year Fuel oil
Housing 1 year Other household fuels for heating and cooking, such as propane, firewood, and coal
Housing 1 year Residential water and sewer
Housing 1 year Garbage and trash collection
Housing 1 month Household cleaning products and supplies
Housing 1 month Household paper products such as tissues, paper towels, and napkins
Housing 1 month Other disposable household products, such as food wraps, garbage bags, paper  plates, and light bulbs
Transportation 1 year Automobile service clubs
Transportation 1 month Parking fees and tolls
Recreation 1 year Admissions to sporting events
Recreation 1 month Admissions, such as to movies, concerts, theme parks, etc.
Other 1 month Haircuts and other personal care services
15 Food 2 weeks Uncooked beef and veal, including frozen
Food 2 weeks Pork, ham, and breakfast meats
Food 2 weeks Lunch meats, hotdogs, and other meats
Food 2 weeks Chicken and other poultry, including turkey
Food 2 weeks Fresh fish and seafood
Food 2 weeks Processed fish and seafood, including frozen, canned, and cooked
Food 2 weeks Carbonated drinks
Food 2 weeks Noncarbonated juices and drinks, frozen and nonfrozen
Food 2 weeks Prepared salads or salad bars, excluding restaurants
Food 2 weeks Easy-to-prepare canned and packaged foods, excluding fruits, vegetables, and soups
Transportation 2 years Motor vehicle bodywork
Transportation 2 years Motor vehicle repair
Transportation 1 year Motor vehicle maintenance, inspections, and towing
Educ.& comm.1 3 months Delivery services
Recreation 6 months Fees for lessons or instruction
Other 1 month Laundry and drycleaning services
16 Food 6 months Catered events or board
Food 2 weeks Full-service meals and snacks
Food 2 weeks Limited-service meals and snacks
Food 2 weeks Meals and snacks at schools or employer-provided cafeterias, dining rooms, or snackbars
Food 2 weeks Food and beverages from vending machines and mobile vendors
Food 2 weeks Alcoholic beverages away from home
Housing 6 months Household linens, such as kitchen and bathroom towels, bedding, or tablecloths
Apparel 6 months Men’s footwear
Apparel 6 months Boys’ and girls’ footwear
Apparel 6 months Women’s footwear
Medical care 1 year Hospital services
Medical care 1 year Adult day care
Other 5 years Care of invalids, elderly, and convalescents in the home
  1 Educ. & comm. = education and communication.


Last Modified Date: October 16, 2001