Appendix 3: Major Group - Recreation

Appendix 3. National level index series, All Items
New, history Video and audio
  Cable television
New Other video equipment
New Video cassettes, discs, and other media, including rentals
New Video cassettes and discs, blank and prerecorded
New Rental of video tapes and discs
  Audio equipment
New Audio discs, tapes and other media
New Pets, pet products and services
  Pets and pet products
New Pet food
New Purchase of pets, pet supplies, accessories
New Pet services including veterinary
New Pet services
New Veterinarian services
  Sporting goods
  Sports vehicles including bicycles
  Sports equipment
New Photography
  Photographic equipment and supplies
New Film and photographic supplies
New Photographic equipment
New Photographers and film processing
New Photographer fees
New Film processing
New Other recreational goods
New Toys, games, hobbies and playground equipment
New Video game hardware, software and accessories
New Sewing machines, fabric, and supplies
New Music instruments and accessories
New Recreational services
New Club membership dues and fees for participant sports
New Admission to movies, theaters, concerts
New Admission to sporting events
  Fees for lessons or instructions
  Recreational reading materials
New Newspapers and magazines
New Recreational books
Note: New = new index series.
  History = 5-year historical research series.
  New, history = new index series with 5-year histories.
  Items in italics denote substratum indexes.


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