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BLS Mobile Service

In our never-ending quest to provide the American public with the latest labor economics and statistics data no matter where they are, we are introducing a mobile version of the BLS homepage. The mobile homepage is designed to give our visitors a quick view of the latest BLS statistical products such as the latest numbers data, links to our most recent economic releases and more. The BLS mobile service places today’s rapidly changing economic information in the palm of your hand. We value your feedback, so send us your comments and let us know what you would like to see in an expanded BLS Mobile site.

Economic Releases

The BLS mobile homepage will include the headlines from the seven latest news releases. Like the full site, the two latest news releases will be featured prominently with their abstracts, while quick links to the rest of the releases will be displayed as well. Plus, on days when the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or the Employment Situation are released, this section will also feature links to related publications: regional and metropolitan area CPI news releases on CPI day, and to the Commissioner's Statement on Employment Situation day. Links on the mobile website to regional and metropolitan CPI news releases will become enabled as the releases become available.

Economic Releases

Latest Numbers

One of the most popular sections of the BLS website is the BLS “Latest Numbers.” The mobile version of the BLS homepage will have all the latest data from major BLS news releases at your fingertips the moment each becomes available to the public. Links to the latest related news releases and historical data will also be available.

Latest Numbers Mobile version

Quick Links to Latest Regional News Releases, Headlines, and Products

This section of the BLS mobile website features a list of the BLS Regional Information Offices along with links to featured regional and metropolitan economic releases, and products. This section will allow users to explore a scaled down presentation of state and area data.

Regional Products Mobile version


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