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Employee Benefits Survey
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Paper copies of this bulletin are available upon request.
  • Chapter 1. Results of the 1995 survey, participation in selected benefits (Tables 1-5) (TXT) (PDF 18K)
  • Chapter 2. Work schedules, paid time off, and family leave (Tables 6-18) (TXT) (PDF 21K)
  • Chapter 3. Disability benefits (Tables 19-40) (TXT) (PDF 33K)
  • Chapter 4. Medical, dental, and vision care (Tables 41-101) (TXT) (PDF 132K)
  • Chapter 5. Life insurance (Tables 102-112) (TXT) (PDF 15K)
  • Chapter 6. Defined benefit plans (Tables 113-134) (TXT) (PDF 38K)
  • Chapter 7. Defined contribution plans, including 401(k) plans (Tables 135-170) (TXT) (PDF 53K)
  • Chapter 8. Flexible benefits plans and reimbursement accounts (Table 171) (TXT) (PDF 4K)
  • Chapter 9. Benefits by selected characteristics, such as geographic regions, part-time employees, union status, and major industry groups (Tables 172-181) (TXT) (PDF 29K)
  • Appendix. Scope tables for full- and part-time employees (Tables A-1 and A-2) (TXT) (PDF 8K)
  • All Chapters (Tables 1-181, A-1, and A-2) (TXT) (PDF 325K)


Last Modified Date: October 16, 2001