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Employment Cost Trends
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The Employment Cost Trends program conducts two ongoing surveys—the Employment Cost Index (ECI) and Employer Costs for Employee Compensation (cost levels).

These surveys are currently being integrated with the Employee Benefits Survey and the Occupational Compensation Survey produced in the Office of Compensation and Working Conditions (OCWC) to form a single compensation survey program. This program initiative, the National Compensation Survey, was called the COMP2000 Survey in early testing. Therefore, the data shown may not continue to be published in their current format. To find out how the data you use may be changed, see National Compensation Survey.

The ECI measures the change over time in the cost of labor. The cost of labor includes wages and salaries and employer costs for employee benefits. The cost levels program produces average costs per hour worked for wages and salaries and specific benefits.

Currently, news releases for both surveys are available on the Internet. Also, historical data for ECI are available. (Historical data for the cost levels will be made available later or can be obtained by making a request through e-mail.)

In addition, a one time quick response survey was conducted on Expenditures for Health Care Plans by Employers and Employees, 1992.

Please see Scope and Method for details concerning Employment Cost Trends.

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Last Modified Date: October 16, 2001