Occupational Classification System Manual

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MOG A—Professional Occupations
Natural Scientists
Exclude Biological and Life Scientists (A078) Agricultural and Food Scientists (A077) and Veterinary Anatomists and Veterinary Bacteriologists (A086).
Occupations in this designation involve application of scientific knowledge to the performance of research concerned with human and animal health to understand and develop cures for health problems. Include workers in the following occupations:

Histopathologists—-Study human or animal tissue to provide data on body functions or cause and progress of disease. May conduct autopsies to select tissue specimens for study.

Pharmacologists—-Study effects of drugs, gases, dusts, and other materials on tissue and physiological processes of animals and human beings. Standardize drug dosages and procedures for drug manufacture. Analyze food preservatives and colorings, vermin poisons, and other materials to determine toxic or nontoxic properties.

May be designated according to speciality as: Anatomist, Bacteriologist, Chemotherapist, Endocrinologist, Serologist, or Toxicologist.

Last modified: October 16, 2001