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Occupational Classification System Manual

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About the Occupational Classification System Manual
MOG F—Machine Operators, Assemblers, And Inspectors
Fabricators, Assemblers, And Hand Working Occupations
Exclude Helpers (H874).
Assemble and/or fit together parts to form subassemblies, sections, components, frames or complete units of a product at a bench, conveyor line or on the floor. Work may include processing operations requiring the use of handtools, power tools and other special equipment.

Work may involve scraping, chipping, and filing of parts to obtain a desired fit, as well as punching, riveting, drilling, soldering, welding, gluing, screwing, nailing, stapling, etc. of product pieces during assemblage. However, workers who perform these processes exclusively as specialized operations should be excluded and matched in occupations such as Solderers and Braziers (F784), Welders and Cutters (F783), etc.

Last modified: October 16, 2001