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MOG K—Service Occupations, Except Private Household
Personal Service Occupations
Exclude Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten Teachers (A155) and Teacher's Aides (D387).
Care for and attend to personal needs of children including handicapped and deprived children. Children may be attended to in residential care facilities, such as boarding or foster homes, or in other care facilities. Workers may supervise and monitor children, dress and feed children, discipline children and direct children in health and personal habits. May also counsel or provide therapeutic services to mentally disturbed, delinquent or handicapped children. May be designated as Children's Attendant, Cottage Parent, Nursemaid, Residence Supervisor, House Parent, etc. This classification also includes other child care occupations which can not be elsewhere classified.

(Occupation K468 includes Census occupation 466, Family Child Care Provider, for in-scope occupations)

Last modified: October 16, 2001