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NLSY79 Child and Young Adult User's Guide 2002

This data users guide provides basic information about the 2002 NLSY79 Child and Young Adult Data. Also included is a discussion of the child and mother samples, their constraints and related issues. The guide includes descriptions of the survey sample, data collection efforts, and survey questionnaires. Researchers may be particularly interested in the guide’s detailed discussions of the NLSY Child Assessments.

The NLSY79 Child and Young Adult User's Guide is presented on this website in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF).  Note that these PDF files are best viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher. See How to view a PDF file for more information.

Guide as 1 PDF: (299 pages) [2164K] (Does not include appendices)

Contents of NLSY79 Child & Young Adults User's Guide 2002

Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, introduction (8 pages) [137K]

Chapter 1: The Children of the NLSY79 (24 pages) [143K]

Chapter 2: The NLSY79 Child Surveys (82 Pages) [351K]

Chapter 3: The NLSY79 Young Adult (28 pages) [131K]

Chapter 4: Utilizing NLSY79 Child and Young Adult Data for Research (20 pages) [86K]

Chapter 5: Data Files and Documentation (26 pages) [93K]

Appendix A-C: (30 pages) [146K]
  • Appendix A NLSY79 Child HOME-SF (30 pages)
  • Appendix B How My Child Acts: Composition of the Temperament Scales
  • Appendix C Motor & Social Development: Raw Score-Normed Score Lookup Tables
Appendix D: Child Behavior Problems Index (32 pages) [208K]

Appendix E - L: (45 pages) [1028K]
  • Appendix E Sample SPSSx Program for Merging NLSY79 Child Files
  • Appendix F Sample SAS program for Merging NLSY79 Child Files
  • Appendix G NLSY79 Child and Mother Supplements Flowcharts
  • Appendix H Child Survey Content by Survey Year
  • Appendix I Young Adult CAPI Questionnaire 2002 Flowchart
  • Appendix J Young Adult Survey Content by Survey Year
  • Appendix K Child Assessment Scores 1986 - 1994
  • Appendix L Children Interviewed by Age and Race 1986-1992

Index: (43 pages) [28K]

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