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Bulletin/Report Title Year of Data Date Issued Bull./Rpt. No.
Between Jobs: What Researchers Have Learned from the NLS About Youth Unemployment (1992) Rpt. 82
Effects of Unemployment Compensation on the Unemployment of Youth, The (1992) Rpt. NLS 92-4
Exploring Careers (1979) Bull. 2001
Exploring Careers Reprint Series (1979)
Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Occupations Bull. 2001-15
Constructing Occupations Bull. 2001-7
Education Occupations Bull. 2001-5
Health Occupations Bull. 2001-11
Industrial Production Occupations Bull. 2001-2
Mechanics and Repairers Bull. 2001-10
Office Occupations Bull. 2001-3
Performing Arts, Design, and Communications Occupations Bull. 2001-14
Sales Occupations Bull. 2001-6
Scientific and Technical Occupations Bull. 2001-9
Service Occupations Bull. 2001-4
Social Scientists Bull. 2001-12
Social Service Occupations Bull. 2001-13
Transportation Occupations Bull. 2001-8
World of Work and You Bull. 2001-1
Youth: Gender Differences in the Quit Behavior of Young Workers (1992) Rpt. NLS 92-7
Handbook of Labor Statistics 1978 (1979) Bull. 2000
(1980) Bull. 2070
(1983) Bull. 2175
(1985) Bull. 2217
(1989) Bull. 2340
Impact of Private Sector Training on Race and Gender Wage Differentials and the Career Patterns of Young Workers (1992) Rpt. NLS 92-8
Labor Force Statistics Derived From the Current Population Survey: A Databook Vols. I & II (1982) Bull. 2096
Supplement (1984) Bull. 2096-1
Labor Force Statistics Derived from the Current Population Survey 1948-87 (1988) Bull. 2307
Participation in Low-Wage Labor Markets by Young Men, Addendum to (1993) Rpt. NLS 93-16
Profile of the Teenage Worker (1980) Bull. 2039
Revised Seasonally Adjusted Labor Force Statistics 1978-87 (1988) Bull. 2306
Students, Graduates, and Dropouts Oct. 1980-82 (1983) Bull. 2192
Work and Family: Employer-Provided Training Among Youth (1993) Rpt. 838
Youth Unemployment: A Look at the Data (1983) Rpt. 695
Youth Unemployment: An International Perspective (1981) Bull. 2098
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