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Office of Publications & Special Studies

Archived Employment & Earnings Online

This web-only publication, Employment & Earnings Online, has replaced the monthly print publication, Employment & Earnings (E&E). The April 2007 issue was the final one to be issued on paper and the first one available completely in PDF format.

Helpful Links for Employment & Earnings Online Readers

Caution: Data in archived publications may have been revised

The latest data, with revisions, may be obtained from the databases accessible on the participating BLS program homepages.

Format for Employment & Earnings Online beginning with January 2011

Beginning with January 2011, the electronic presentation for E&E Online changed to improve accessibility and timeliness for data users. Each table in the E&E is available as an individual PDF file. The reference month shown is the same as the reference month for the data in the table, and tables are posted from each data source as soon as they become available.

This is in contrast to the format for earlier issues of E&E Online (see below), where the compilation of tables for a given month was not the same as the data reference month of the tables; for example, the June issue would include data for April and May. In the current format, the June file will contain data for June.

Employment & Earnings Online, January 2011 to date

Format for Employment & Earnings issued for April 2007 through February 2011

The archived versions of E&E in this section consist of a single PDF file of all tables issued for each calendar month. The reference month for the data in each of these issues varies according to the different data program sources. Each issue, however, reflects the latest information that was available from each source in that calendar month.

2011 Employment & Earnings Online

2010 Employment & Earnings Online

2009 Employment & Earnings Online

2008 Employment & Earnings Online

2007 Employment & Earnings Online


Last Modified Date: February 5, 2019