July 2013

The Monthly Labor Review gets a new look


Beyond BLS. Below the book review is the newly named “Beyond BLS” department. This department is essentially the same as the former Précis department. The Beyond BLS department features summaries of published articles or working papers dealing with economic research from outside our walls. We hope to feature a broader range of items in the Beyond BLS department.

Flashback. Under the “Recent Articles” box is a section called “Flashback.” This area will highlight previously published MLR articles. The MLR staff will strive to highlight articles that either have particular relevance to the featured article or are relevant to recent economic news.

Subscribe. Below Flashback is a box that allows readers to subscribe to email alerts that notify subscribers when new articles available. Readers simply enter their email address and click “enter”; this will take readers to the full list of BLS email subscriptions that are available.

Article presentation

Possibly one of the more striking changes to the MLR is the presentation of the articles. Each article, starting with those first published this month, is now presented in HTML. This allows for ease of reading on multiple platforms, whether it’s a desktop computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. An HTML format also allows better access to the full content of the MLR for those using screen readers. For readers who are interested in a printer-friendly version, a PDF is available at bottom of the “Related Content” box.

In the articles themselves, a web presentation allows authors to use the tools the web has to offer. Authors can easily link to relevant content. They will also have the ability to display interactive infographics as the material warrants. All charts will have an underlying data table and readers and researchers will be able to view the data.

Readers will also be able to control how much of the article is shown at a time. The default presentation will show “page 1” of the article, and users can continue to paginate through the remainder of the article or can select “View full article” to view the entire article on a single page.

Readers will note that, to the right of the article, there is an “About the Author” box. By clicking on the author’s name, readers will be presented with links to other MLR articles by that particular author. We will continue to provide contact information and a short bio for each author.

Below the author information box is the “Related Content” box. Within this box are some selected publications that relate to the article. Most of the related content links will be to other MLR articles, but in some instances, we may link to articles in other BLS publications, such as Beyond the Numbers.

Also in the related content box is a list of related subjects presented as keywords describing the topics that the article encompasses. Readers may explore more MLR articles on a particular subject by simply clicking on the keyword.

Publication schedule

In the final sentence of the introduction to the first edition of the MLR, it states “The Monthly Review will be issued on the 29th day of the month.”5 In recent years, the MLR has been published on the last business day of the month. Publishing an issue on a specific day of the month was necessary for getting the publication to the printer, but in a web-oriented world, specifying a particular date is unnecessary and perhaps outmoded.


5 Monthly Review, July 1915, p. 6.

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Emily Lloyd Liddel

Emily Lloyd Liddel is executive editor of the Monthly Labor Review, which is published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.