July 2013

The Monthly Labor Review gets a new look


From July 2013 forward, the MLR will be published on a flow basis; that is, articles will be published as they become ready throughout the month. Each article will be dated with the month and the year of publication to make searching the MLR archives easier. The hope is that this will provide fresh content to our readers throughout the month. There will be times where BLS will publish articles simultaneously, but BLS will reserve this for special compilation issues, such as the “Projections” issue.


One of the chief complaints that MLR staff has heard from both readers and authors was that it was difficult to search the archives. In response to this concern, the staff has done a great deal of work to try and make search and navigation of the archival material more straightforward.

From the January 1981 issue forward, each article has been tagged with a date, keywords, and author information. Also included in the archives is the archival material from the now-shuttered Compensation and Working Conditions Online (also known as CWC Online) publication.

By clicking on the “Archives” button in the navigation ribbon, users will be able to browse through the archive by author, date, department, and subject.

By selecting “Browse by Author,” users will find the authors listed first name first but sorted according the author’s last name (as it was at publication). Readers can quickly jump to a different spot in the alphabet by selecting a letter from the box on the right. When readers click on a particular author’s name, they will see a list of all of the MLR or CWC Online pieces authored or co-authored by that individual.

Readers who wish to use the “Browse by Date” function will note that the current year archive will show as the default. To browse earlier years, readers only need to select the year of interest in the box to the right.

For readers who are interested in perusing previous book reviews, the “Browse by Department” option may suit their needs. Readers need only select the department of interest in the box to the right.

Finally, the “Browse by Subject” archive is quite similar to the subject index as previously published. As they can with the other archive pages, readers can jump to a subject by selecting a letter of the alphabet in the box to the right.

Changes to departments

There are some changes to the departments in the MLR. We will no longer distinguish between reports and articles; they will all be categorized as articles. Each article now will include an abstract, and authors may include a list of references that would appear after the article text. In addition, as the MLR has done for the past 6 months, articles previously published in the CWC Online are now included as part of the collection of articles published in the MLR.

Also, the MLR is moving away from publishing visual essays. BLS now has a format better suited to the visual presentation of materials; look for visual essays in Spotlight on Statistics. We encourage readers to peruse this publication for data analysis in a more visually oriented presentation.

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Emily Lloyd Liddel

Emily Lloyd Liddel is executive editor of the Monthly Labor Review, which is published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.