July 2013

The Monthly Labor Review gets a new look


The aforementioned Beyond BLS will essentially remain the same as what had previously been called the Précis department. In addition to publishing the regular summaries of research outside of BLS, from time to time this department may feature papers authored by BLS researchers that have appeared in other journals.

The MLR is discontinuing the Current Labor Statistics section. The MLR reimagine team felt that more up-to-date information could be found elsewhere throughout the Bureau website. For some guidance on where to find tables similar to those which had been presented in the Current Labor Statistics, please see

Finally, the Labor Month in Review department has also been discontinued, along with an issue cover and tables of contents. Because the MLR is publishing on a flow basis, MLR staff didn’t feel that this department added much value because it would likely come out after all the material for the month had been published.

Ongoing efforts

In addition to instituting the look and feel changes, BLS has also reestablished the MLR Editorial Board. Some of the goals of this advisory group are to advise and assist in the compilation of special topical issues of the MLR and to review the slate of submissions to identify gaps, opportunities, and redundancies.

As previously mentioned, the online archive only extends back to 1981. As resources become available, MLR staff will begin scanning in more of the archival material and making those articles electronically available.

There have been some slight scope changes to the material published in the MLR and some fairly major design changes to the presentation of this material, but what isn’t changing is the BLS commitment to publishing high-quality, indepth analysis on issues related to the labor market and price behavior.

We hope you will let us know what you think of the new look and how we can best meet our readers’ needs by dropping us a line at

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Emily Lloyd Liddel

Emily Lloyd Liddel is executive editor of the Monthly Labor Review, which is published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.