Figure 2. Percentage of employed people with a certification or license by educational attainment, 2018 annual averages
Education level With a certification or a license With a certification, but no license With a license

Less than a high school diploma

8.1% 0.8% 7.3%

High school graduates, no college

14.9 1.5 13.4

Some college, no degree

21.1 2.3 18.8

Associate's degree

33.4 3.0 30.4

Bachelor's degree

28.5 3.1 25.4

Master's degree

42.9 3.7 39.2

Professional degree

78.6 2.8 75.8

Doctoral degree

54.6 3.2 51.5

Note: Master's, professional, and doctoral degrees are known collectively as "advanced degrees." The two categories "With a certification, but no license" and "With a license" may not sum to the exact amount shown for "With a certification or a license" because of rounding.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.