Figure 5. Consumer behavioral changes over the last 7 days, subset of respondents with at least one protective and at least one relaxing change (percent)
Category Type of change With attending medical only Without attending medical only

Avoided eating at restaurants

Protective 68.3 32.0

Attended in-person medical or dental appointments

Relaxing 65.4 23.6

More online purchases

Protective 65.3 33.5

Increased use of credit card or smartphone apps

Protective 49.3 26.4

More curbside pickup

Protective 34.4 16.8

Canceled or postponed in-person medical or dental appointments

Protective 28.4 19.1

Resumed eating at restaurants

Relaxing 24.6 24.6

More in-store purchases

Relaxing 23.3 23.3

Increased use of cash

Relaxing 13.3 13.3

Canceled or postponed housekeeping or caregiving services

Protective 9.2 5.2

Resumed or started new housekeeping or caregiving services

Relaxing 8.0 8.0

Note: Percentages do not add to 100 because respondents were allowed to select more than one category when answering this question.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Household Pulse Survey.