Chart 5. Age distribution by area of residence, American Indians and Alaska Natives and the total population, averages for the combined years 2019–21
Category 16 to 24 years 25 to 54 years 55 years and over

Total American Indian and Alask Native (AIAN)

18.6 53.7 27.8

AIANs residing in AIAN area

19.0 48.8 32.1

AIANs not residing in AIAN area

18.4 55.5 26.1

Total population

14.4 48.5 37.1

Note: American Indian and Alaska Native areas include federal American Indian reservations and off-reservation trust lands, joint-use federal American Indian reservations, Oklahoma tribal statistical areas, joint-use tribal statistical areas, Alaska Native village statistical areas, tribal-designated statistical areas, state American Indian reservations, and state-designated tribal statistical areas.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey.