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Featured Article
Featured article image September 2023

Industry contributions to productivity growth in U.S. manufacturing: an application of alternative output concepts

Lucy P. Eldridge, Susan G. Powers

Using value-added-output, sectoral-output, and gross-output concepts, economists look at the contribution of industries to the manufacturing sector and how the industries affect sector size and total factor productivity growth.

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Book Reviews
Book Review image

Recontextualizing the relationship between statistics and economics

Nicholas Catapano

This book traces the historical development of statistical inference in economics, presenting nonstandard statistical techniques and important contributions to the field.

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Beyond BLS

The Great Resignation in the United States: How long will it last?

Abdulkadir Şenkal

The Great Resignation phenomenon: a researcher investigates the millions of U.S. resignations that followed the COVID-19 outbreak.

How hard is it to replace a minimum-wage job?

Nicholas A. Schaffer

Researchers find that workers earning less than $15 an hour who experience job loss later face reduced employment, labor force participation, and earnings.

Shipping prices, import price inflation, and the COVID-19 pandemic

Douglas Himes

Researchers look at the effects of shipping costs on price inflation for typical products.

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