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Statistical tables:
Wages and productivity

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Appendix: Statistical Tables
General conditions in the labor market
Employment and the labor force
Wages and productivity
Earnings, prices, and expenditures
Benefits and working conditions
International comparisons
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How much workers are paid per unit of time (usually per  hour), how productively that time is used, and how much each unit of production costs in terms of labor input is the focus of the following tables.


  1. Employment Cost Index for wages and salaries, annual averages, 1976-2000 (PDF 5K)

  2. Employer compensation costs per employee hours worked, all private industry, 1986-2000 (PDF 6K)

  3. Mean hourly earnings for selected occupations, all workers, all industries, selected areas, April 2000 (PDF 22K)

  4. Mean hourly earnings by occupational group and level, all workers, selected areas, April 2000 (PDF 8K)

  5. Hourly wage percentiles for establishment jobs, all workers, selected occupations, all industries, selected areas, April 2000 (PDF 9K)

  6. Average hourly earnings of production workers on private nonfarm payrolls by major industry division, annual averages, 1947-2000 (PDF 7K)

  7. Productivity and related data, business and nonfarm business sectors, 1948-2000 (PDF 9K)

  8. Changes in productivity and related data, business and nonfarm business sectors, 1948-2000 (PDF 9K)

  9. Private business sector, productivity and related measures, 1948-99 (PDF 8K)

  10. Productivity and related data, nonfinancial corporate sector, 1958-2000 (PDF 9K)

  11. Productivity and related data, manufacturing sector, 1949-2000 (PDF 10K)

  12. Annual indexes of output per hour for selected 3-digit SIC industries, 1993-99 (PDF 24K)

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