ASA/NSF/BLS Fellowship Possible Research Topics

    General Information

    BLS is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics. We are responsible for the development and publication of data on employment and unemployment, prices and living conditions, compensation and working conditions, productivity measurement, and economic growth and employment projections.

    Fellows have a unique opportunity to make major advances in methodology and applications in a number of areas. Some sample topics are listed below. However, applicants are encouraged to propose studies in any socioeconomic or methodological areas that are applicable to BLS data or have the potential of encouraging further significant broad-based research.

    For more information, refer to a listing of previous ASA/NSF/BLS fellows and their research projects.

    See the main Fellowship page for more information on eligibility and application requirements.

    Statistical Methodology and Computing

    Proposals in this area should be for research projects generally applicable to the collection, processing, or analysis of BLS data. Topic suggestions include:

    • Statistical Quality Control
    • Item Imputation
    • Small Domain Estimation
    • Time Series Methods
    • Statistical Methods for Data Analysis
    • Statistical Graphics and Data Visualization
    • Disclosure Limitation / Confidentiality Protection
    • Information Dissemination

    See more information about these statistical topics.


    Economic Measurement and Research

    Proposals under this topic would include theoretical or empirical studies designed to improve BLS statistical programs. Research could focus on defining and refining the concepts to be measured or could analyze a variety of topics relating to labor markets, prices, and productivity. Topic suggestions include:

    • Measurement of Labor Force Characteristics
    • Determining Job Requirements
    • Measurement and Analysis of Labor Cost
    • Time Use
    • Incidence of Injuries and Illnesses
    • Price Measurement
    • Measurement of Consumer Expenditures
    • Output Definition

    See more information about these economic topics.


    Behavioral Sciences

    Behavioral science research approaches help to better understand psychological, sociological, and anthropological factors in the survey data collection process. Research in this area could be conducted with existing data or with studies conducted in the field or in the BLS Behavioral Science Research Laboratory.

    Topic suggestions include:

    • Respondent-Interviewer Interactions
    • Autobiographical Memory
    • Nonresponse in Establishment Surveys
    • Mode Effects and Data Management
    • Usability of Data Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination Systems
    • Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance

    See more information about these behavioral topics.


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