BLS Economic Working Papers from 2008

Year of publication:

The following is a complete list of 2008 BLS Working Papers. Copies of unpublished working papers that are currently available can be obtained from the designated program office of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2 Massachusetts Avenue NE, Washington, D.C. 20212, or via email. Reprints may be available for published papers.


Number Title Author(s) Publication Status / Disposition
WP-421 New Evidence on Outlet Substitution Effects in Consumer Price Index Data John S. Greenlees, Robert McClelland Available in the Office of Prices and Living Conditions (November 2008).
WP-420 Encouraging Participation in 401(k) Plans: Reconsidering the Employer Match Keenan Dworak-Fisher See revised version, WP-434.
WP-419 How Does Employment Affect the Timing of Time with Children? Jay Stewart, Mary Dorinda Allard (Program Director, ATUS) Available in the Office of Employment and Unemployment Statistics (June 2008).
WP-418 Self-Employment Transitions among Older American Workers with Career Jobs Michael D. Giandrea, Kevin E. Cahill (Analysis Group, Inc.), and Joseph F. Quinn (Boston College) Available in the Office of Productivity and Technology (May 2008).
WP-417 Creating a Consistent Poverty Measure Over Time Using NAS Procedures: 1996-2005 Thesia I. Garner and Kathleen S. Short (U.S. Census Bureau) See Review of Income and Wealth, Series 56, No. 2, June 2010, pp. 237-258.
WP-416 Parental Transfers, Student Achievement, and the Labor Supply of College Students Charlene Marie Kalenkoski (Ohio University) and Sabrina Wulff Pabilonia See Journal of Population Economics, Vol 23, No. 2, March 2010, pp. 469-496.
WP-415 The Effect of Hurricane Katrina on the Labor Market Outcomes of Evacuees Jeffrey A. Groen and Anne E. Polivka See American Economic Review, Vol. 98, No. 2, May 2008, pp. 43-48.


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