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Producer Price Indexes
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Printing, Publishing, and Allied Industries

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SIC Industry SIC Product SIC Title NAICS Product
2711 2711 Newspaper publishing 511110
2711P Primary products 511110P
27111 Sales of daily and sunday newspapers 5111101
27112 Advertisement in daily and sunday newspapers 5111102
27113 Sales of weekly and other newspapers 5111103
27114 Advertisement in weekly and other newspapers 5111104
2711SM Secondary products and miscelleous receipts 511110SM
2711M Miscellaneous receipts 511110M
2711MM Miscellaneous receipts
2711S Secondary products 511110S
2711SSS Other secondary products
2752S Commercial printing, lithographic 323110S
2721 2721 Periodical publishing 511120
2721P Primary products 511120P
27211 Farm periodicals: receipts from subscriptions, sales, and advertising 5111201
27213 Specialized business & professional periodicals: receipts from subscriptions 5111203
27214 Specialized business and professional periodicals: receipts from advertising 5111204
27216 General and consumer periodicals: receipts from advertising 5111206
27217 General and consumer periodicals: receipts from subscriptions 5111207
27218 General and consumer periodicals: receipts from single copy sales 5111208
27219 Other periodicals,except shopping news, catalogs, or directories, nec 5111209
2721SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 511120SM
2721M Miscellaneous receipts 511120M
2721XY9 Contracts and other miscellaneous receipts
2721S Secondary products 511120S
2721SS Secondary products
2731 2731 Book publishing 511130
2731P Primary services 511130P
2731A Mass market rack-size book publishing 511130A
2731B Book club book publishing 511130B
2731C Mail order book publishing 511130C
2731D Adult trade and juvenile book publishing 511130D
2731D4 Adult trade book publishing 511130D4
2731D5 Juvenile book publishing 511130D5
27311 Textbook publishing, including teachers' editions 5111301
27311C College textbooks 5111301C
27311D Other textbooks 5111301D
27313 Technical, scientific, and professional book publishing 5111303
27314 Religious book publishing 5111304
27317 General reference book publishing 5111307
27318 Other book publishing, excluding pamphlets 5111308
27319 Pamphlet publishing (5 to 48 pages) 5111309
2731SM Other receipts 511130SM
2731M Miscellaneous receipts
2731MM Miscellaneous receipts
2731S Secondary services
2731SS Secondary services
2732 2732 Book printing 323117
2732P Primary products 323117P
27323 Textbooks printing and binding 3231171
27323A Elementary and high school textbooks (grades K through 12)
2732312 Paperbound, including teachers' edition
27323B College textbooks (grades 13 or higher, including private business, etc.)
2732314 Hardbound
2732315 Paperbound
2732316 Workbooks and standardized tests
27324 Technical, scientific, and professional books, printing and binding 3231173
2732417 Hardbound
2732418 Paperbound
27325 Religious books, printing and binding 3231175
2732535 Paperbound
27326 General books (trade etc.) printing and binding 3231177
27326B Adult trade books (fiction and nonfiction)
2732645 Hardbound
2732646 Paperbound
27326C Juvenile books (fiction and nonfiction)
2732648 Paperbound
2732644 Mass market paperbound books, rack size, distributed predominantly to mass market outlets
27327 Other books and pamphlets, nec, printing and binding 3231179
27327A Other reference books
2732754 Hardbound
2732755 Paperbound
27327B All other books, nec.(including music books, university press books, etc.)
2732756 Hardbound
2732757 Paperbound
2732761 Books printing only, not bound 323117A
2732762 Pamphlets, printing only or printing and binding 323117C
2732SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 323117SM
2732M Miscellaneous receipts 323117M
2732S Secondary products 323117S
2741 2741 Miscellaneous publishing
2741P Primary products
2741A Telephone directories 5111401
2741B Catalogs and other directories 5111402
27412 Business service publications 5111403
27414 Patterns, including clothing patterns 5111991
27416 Shopping news, publishing 5111993
27417 Other miscellaneous publishing
2741797 Micropublishing in microform, including original and republished material
2741799 Other miscellaneous publishing nec, including multimedia kits, almanacs, and map
2741M Miscellaneous receipts
2741S Secondary products
2752 2752 Commercial printing, lithographic 323110
2752P Primary products 323110P
27521 Magazine and periodical printing; lithographic 3231101
27522 Label and wrapper printing; lithographic 3231103
27523 Catalog and directory printing; lithographic 3231105
27524 Financial and legal printing; lithographic 3231107
27525 Advertising printing; lithographic 3231109
2752513 Direct mail advertising lith. printing; incl. circulars/letters/pamplets, etc 32311091
2752529 Display and all other advertising printing; lithographic 32311092
27526 Other general printing jobs; lithographic
2752661 Quick Printing 3231141
2752663 All other general job printing; lithographic 323110B
2752SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 323110SM
2752M Miscellaneous receipts 323110M
2752S Secondary products 323110S
2752SS Secondary products
2754 2754 Commercial printing, gravure 323111
2754P Primary products 323111P
27541 Magazine and periodical printing, gravure 3231111
27542 Label and wrapper printing, gravure 3231112
27543 Catalog and directory printing, gravure 3231113
27545 Advertising printing, gravure 3231115
27546 Other commercial printing, gravure 3231116
2754SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 323111SM
2754M Miscellaneous receipts 323111M
2754S Secondary products 323111S
2754SS Secondary products
2759 2759 Commercial printing, nec
2759P Primary products
2759D Digital & other nonimpact printing (exc.quick printing); incl. laser/ink-jet 3231151
2759E Engraving 323119E
2759F Flexographic printing
2759F11 Label and wrapper printing; flexographic 3231121
2759F31 All other flexographic printing; nec 3231123
27592 Label and wrapper printing; letterpress 3231193
27594 Financial and legal printing; letterpress
27595 Advertising printing; letterpress 3231199
27596 Other general job printing; letterpress 323119B
27597 Screen process printing, except textiles 3231131
2759731 Screen printed labels 3231131112
2759733 Screen printed display advertising and advertising specials 3231131211
2759735 Screen printed decalcomanias and pressure-sensitives incl. bumper stickers 3231131346
2759737 All other screen printing; except on textiles 3231131411
2759M Miscellaneous receipts
2759S Secondary products
2759SS Secondary products
2761 2761 Manifold business forms
2761P Primary products
27612 Unit set forms, loose or bound 3231161
27613 Manifold books and pegboard accounting systems 3231163
27615 Custom continuous business forms 3231165
27617 Stock continuous business forms 3231167
2761SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
2761M Miscellaneous receipts
2761MM Miscellaneous receipts
2761S Secondary products
2761SS Secondary products
2771 2771 Greeting card publishing 511191
2771P Primary services 511191P
27711 Publishers' sales 5111911
2771132 Seasonal cards including Christmas, Valentine, and Mother's Day cards: counter a 511191132
2771134 Everyday cards: counter cards and packaged, including boxed 511191134
27712 Greeting cards, printed for publication by others 5111912
2771SM Other receipts 511191SM
2771S Secondary services
2771SS Secondary services
2782 2782 Blankbooks and looseleaf binders
2782P Primary products
27822 Looseleaf binders and devices 3231183
27823 Checkbooks, inserts and refills, excluding continuous forms and die cut 3231169
27824 Blankbook making, except checkbooks 3231181
2782M Miscellaneous receipts
2782MM Miscellaneous receipts
2782S Secondary products
2782SS Secondary products
2789 2789 Bookbinding and related work 323121
2789P Primary products 323121P
27891 Edition, library, trade and other hardcover binding 3231211
278911 Edition binding, hardbound
2789117 Textbook, technical, scientific, and professional books
2789118 General consumer and trade books
2789119 All other books nec., including reference and religious
278912 Library binding; incl. prebinding, rebinding, and other hardcover binding of periodicals
27892 Other book and pamphlet binding and related work 3231213
278922 Soft cover binding of books (49 pages or more)
2789221 Adhesive binding
2789222 Mechanical binding
278923 Pamphlet and other soft cover binding
2789231 Adhesive binding
2789232 Mechanical binding
278924 Sample books, swatches, and cards; color, carpet, upholstery, drapes, etc
278925 Miscellaneous bookbinding work and related service operations or material printed elsewhere
2789SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 323121SM
2789M Miscellaneous receipts 323121M
2789S Secondary products 323121S
2791 2791 Typesetting
2791P Primary products
2791A Typesetting
2791S Secondary products
2791SS Secondary products
2796 2796 Platemaking services
2796P Primary products
27961 Lithographic plates, prepared for printing
27962 Lithographic platemaking services
279623 Color corrected positives or negatives on film
279624 All other lithographic platemaking services
27963 Platemaking services, except lithographic
2796M Miscellaneous receipts
2796S Secondary products


Last Modified Date: January 04, 2019