New Producer Price Index Database for Discontinued Commodities

Effective October 18, 2005, the Producer Price Index (PPI) program created a new database to house all Commodity indexes no longer in calculation. This database includes any seasonally adjusted indexes whose corresponding unadjusted indexes are discontinued. The inception of the new “Discontinued Commodities” database has no effect on databases for the Industry indexes organized using either the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system or the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

Discontinued PPI commodity indexes can be found by using the "Commodity Data - Discontinued Series" links under "Get Detailed PPI Statistics" at, while current PPI commodities can be retrieved using the "Commodity Data" links on the same Web page.

Users accustomed to selecting series using series ID codes should use the "WDU" series ID prefix for discontinued, unadjusted data and the "WDS" prefix for discontinued, seasonally adjusted data. See for additional details on series ID formats.

Further information is available from the Section of Index Analysis at (202) 691-7705.


Last Modified Date: October 18, 2005