Fees and Invoicing

If you are approved for access to BLS restricted data at an FSRDC, you will be required to pay a flat fee for each year of FSRDC access. Currently, fees are not required for other modes of access, such as onsite at BLS or offsite under a licensing agreement (NLSY Geocode and CFOI research file).

FSRDC Fee Structure for FY 2019 (effective January 2019)

  • The fee is $4,800 for the first year of BLS data access at an FSRDC for each project, and the current estimated fee for each additional year is $1,800.
  • Payment amounts will be prorated based on when the data sharing agreement can be established and the number of months remaining in the current fiscal year.
  • BLS will provide an invoice, with initial payment due once the project has been approved.
  • Fee structure is subject to change.

Payment Options

Please use the form (PDF) to submit payment information.

For non-federal researchers, fees can be paid by electronic transfer or credit card.

BLS will bill projects funded directly by Federal agencies through the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) system.

If you have billing questions, please contact BLS_FSRDC@bls.gov


Last Modified Date: December 31, 2018