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U.S. Business Response Survey Online Reporting Instructions

By reporting online through the secure website, respondents save taxpayer money for printing, paper, postage, and their associated costs and burden. You can complete this report in a single session, or exit the system and then return later to complete it. Information entered on pages where you clicked on Save and Continue will be stored if you exit the system before completing the report. Information entered on a page where you have not clicked on Save and Continue will not be saved and will require re-entry.

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BRS login screen

Enter your 12-digit Web ID: and 8-character case-sensitive Password: and click 'I Accept.'

  • The password always starts with a capital letter, followed by a lowercase letter, followed by six numbers. e.g. Aa123456
  • If you are copying and pasting the Web ID and password from solicitation emails, please be sure not to copy any leading or trailing blanks after the Web ID and password. Our secure website will not validate credentials that are not entered exactly as prescribed.
  • If you incorrectly enter your credentials three times, the secure website will temporarily lock your account for approximately 30 minutes. If this occurs, please close your browser, wait 30 minutes, and then try again. Closing and reopening the browser refreshes the connection and clears the history of any previously entered information.
brs welcome page

Your company's name, Survey ID number, and state are displayed in the top right corner. Click 'Continue' to begin the U.S. Business Response Survey to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

brs address example

On this page, you can:

  • Let us know if the firm has closed in the state. Check the OUT OF BUSINESS box, enter the date the business closed, complete the contact information and then click 'Save and Continue' to complete the survey.
  • Confirm or update the company's business mailing address. This may be within the state, or in another state.
  • Confirm or update the physical location address of the business in the state identified at the top right. The physical location address for the business listed must be in the state identified.
  • If you have employees in the state but no physical location, click the button indicating this below the address and provide an explanation of where these employees work in the state.
  • Select the County, Township, Island, or Parish in which the physical location of your business is located from the drop down box. If you do not know, or the location is not listed in the dropdown box, click the check box below.
  • Provide or update your contact information, then click 'Save and Continue'.
main business activity

Verify or update your main business activity. This is a general business description which may not include all of your business activities, or include some activities in which your business is not involved during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • If the information is generally accurate for the majority of your business, click 'Yes'.
  • If the information is incorrect for the majority of your business, click 'No'.

Click 'Save and Continue'.

main business activity selection example

If you clicked the button indicating the industry description provided is incorrect, you will see this page after clicking 'Save and Continue'.

Use the key word search feature to locate the correct industry description for your business.

  • When you have selected the correct description, with the text displayed in the window, click 'Yes' and describe your main business activity in Step 3. When you have finished entering the description, click 'Save and Continue'.
  • If you cannot locate the correct description using the search feature, click 'No' and describe your main business activity in Step 3. When you have finished entering the description, click 'Save and Continue'.
brs review example

After reviewing the address and business activities updates that you have made click 'Continue' to move on to the coronavirus-related questions. 

brs welcome page

Please answer the coronavirus-related questions for only the one business location, even if you have more than one location affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Click 'Continue' to complete the report.

brs covid questions

After answering the coronavirus questions, click 'Submit Data to BLS' to complete the survey.

brs covid thankyou page   

You may print the confirmation page for your records.