Form Type C—NAICS 31–Manufacturing (Non-Durable)

Green goods and services categories

Examples (this is not an exhaustive list)

Energy efficiency.

Products and services that:

  • reduce energy consumption
  • improve energy efficiency

Design, manufacture, installation, or maintenance of:

  • Products eligible for use in LEED or Green Globe/ANSI/GBI certified projects, such as curtains
  • ISO 21930:2007 building products, such as carpeting
  • ANSI environmental certified products, such as NSF/ANSI 140 and 332 certified goods (carpeting and floor coverings)


Recycling and reuse.

Products and services that:

  • collect, reuse, remanufacture, or recycle
  • compost waste materials


Manufacture of:

  • Reclaimed wool
  • Textiles from recovered fibers


Last Modified Date: March 14, 2012