Form Type I—NAICS 61, 813—Education/ Other

Green goods and services categories

Examples (this is not an exhaustive list)

Environmental compliance, education and training, and public awareness.

Products and services that:

  • enforce environmental regulations
  • provide education/training related to green technologies/practices
  • increase public awareness of environmental issues

Provide or develop educational classes and/or training courses

Conduct research or provide research or educational grants

Political groups, industry associations, and other organizations

Oversee scientific developments related to the environment

Develop, consult, issue and/or enforce the following environmental standards:

    • EnergyStar
    • USDA certified organic
    • Design for the Environment
    • WaterSense
    • SmartWay
    • BurnWise
    • LEED
    • Green Globe/ANSI/GBI
    • EPEAT/IEEE (IEEE 1680)
    • ISO 21930:2007: Environmental declaration of building products
    • ISO/IEC 24700:2005: Quality and performance of office equipment containing reused components
    • ANSI Environmental standards such as NSF/ANSI 140 or 332 (Sustainability Assessment for Carpet, Resilient Floor Covering)
    • ANSI/BIFMA X7.1 standards for low-emitting office furniture



Last Modified Date: March 14, 2012