American Time Use Survey — Multi-Year Microdata Files

The ATUS multi-year microdata files combine several years of previously-released and publicly-available ATUS microdata. Because changes in time use occur relatively slowly over time, it is possible to combine multiple years of ATUS data; doing so facilitates more detailed analyses about how Americans spend their time.

About the Multi-Year ATUS Microdata Files

This page includes links to the multi-year ATUS microdata files and supporting documentation. Each set of multi-year ATUS microdata files combines multiple years of ATUS data. For example, the 2003-2017 ATUS Multi-year Microdata files combine microdata from the 2003 to 2017 ATUS. Researchers can use these multi-year ATUS microdata files to produce their own time-use estimates or do other analyses.

These files do not contain time-use estimates. Time-use estimates for various activities and selected demographic and labor force characteristics are available on the ATUS Web site under the headings News Releases, ATUS Database, Charts and Tables.

Multi-Year ATUS Microdata Files


Last Modified Date: July 10, 2018